Supercharge your business visibility + credibility!


Your plug-and-play template to pitch to 4 different media platforms - press, podcasts, TV appearances, and public speaking events!

It's time to be recognized as an expert in your field, increase your credibility and finally get paid what you’re worth without another certification, rebrand or figuring it all out on your own!


Have a customized and powerful pitch template that’s helped business owners get seen in hundreds of publications, show up brilliantly on podcasts, TV + speaking opportunities and increase profitability as the go-to expert!


Increase your visibility and credibility while growing your audience with media mentions, interviews + features in press, guest spots on podcasts, television appearances and public speaking opportunities!


Leverage press to stand out, while growing an audience of your ideal customers! That means more time serving, less time selling! Gain visibility, social proof your credibility and increase your profitability! 

Media exposure = credibility

Increased Credibility = Increased Value!

It’s time to be paid your worth as the sought-after expert you are!


It’s not about being better, it’s about being different!

Leverage the authority + celebrity of media, press and speaking to stand out from the noise and be seen as the Go-To Expert In Your Space!

You’ll always be the best-kept secret until you unlock your authority and step up as the expert — without paying tens of thousands to PR agencies!

My story: In 2017, I landed my first national media feature (without any media connections or paying a PR agency). Within that same year, I had more than twenty media wins, leveraged that credibility to stand out from the noise, TRIPLED my rates, and began to attract soul mate clients who were EXCITED to work with (and pay) me!

Six years later, I’ve made history.

…Without paying a PR company. Without any inside connections to journalists. Without “paying to play” for features. 

How? By becoming a media magnet + making history.

And the best part is I’ve taught SIX THOUSAND women to do the same, by removing the gatekeepers that prevent experts like you from stepping into your brilliance and showing up as the unique authority you are meant to be.

"Wow this really happened today. Because of the training and encouragement of Rebecca Cafiero, I was featured on The Daily Flash TV and have multiple mentions and features in the Bustle, The New York Times, Glam, and more!!"

Monina W. Makeup Artist + Licensed Esthetician

"I’ve built massive credibility for myself + my business with media features in The Bump, Parenting Magazine, and others! Thanks to, the incredible Rebecca Cafiero, my leather handbags and accessories are making their debut in a new Netflix movie!!!"

Melissa D. – Midwife + Functional Medicine Practionier

“My business catapulted when I implemented Rebecca's pitch strategies!! I’ve been featured in The New York Times, Modern Luxury, Us Weekly, and E-News but even more importantly, more qualified leads and higher revenue generation. The power of a third-party endorsement vs an advertisement is highly underestimated and has more power than anything. I am now generating millions annually in sales, and the game changer was PR.

Michelle D. - Luxury Jewelry Concierge

“I landed interviews on 5 podcasts and was featured in 5 publications with only 2 hours of work!

Dr. Sarah M. - Parenting Expert


“Within 60 days of working with her, I was published 10 times, in publications like Forbes and Today.com. I also was able to guest on 7 podcasts! My ability to get out there, gain connections and followers, and most importantly build up my self-confidence in my own brand and product has also led to 5 paid speaking engagements!”

Abbie M. - Speaker, Joy Coach, Entrepreneur

Supercharge your business visibility + credibility!


Your plug-and-play template to pitch to 4 different media platforms - press, podcasts, TV appearances, and public speaking events!

Disclaimer: This guide will show you how to land your own PR without another certification, rebrand, or figuring it out all on your own, but there is no guarantee you’ll increase your PR features, visibility, or income. However, I’m going to show you the steps to reach your goals faster than you could on your own.